A rapid development tool for React Web applications


Develop React components in isolation

There is a nice feature in Webcodesk - a developing React component in isolation, just like in React Storybook.

It allows you to develop the component and see how it works without placing it onto the page.


Create pages with components by drag and drop

You can create pages in the page editor in minutes using pre-created layouts.

Additionally, you can create own reusable page layouts.


Draw how data should flow through components

This is the most exiting feature of Webcodesk.

You don't have to write code to make components work together.

You don't need to write code for page routing too.

Only thing you should do is to draw connections between components in the flow editor.


See how data flows through components

You can record the data flow in live preview, then review the data in a visual debugger.

You can clearly see where the data comes from, where it goes, and how it gets stored.